Ch1 p7

Date Posted: July 6th, 2017, 9:40 pm

Author Notes


These pages are so pretty... So soft looking, cute and whimsical. The guy (?) with a hand for a head is particularly intriguing. Especially how he's communicated via emoticons in past pages... Wonder what his story is?

Ah...and Liam's lost the picture, hasn't he? :/
@WingFreak: You're not the first one asking about Ombra! (Shes a she btw, keep seeing people mistaking her for a guy a lot too xp) Things will be revealed by time progress and I obviously won't let her story be unfold 8)

Thank you for your nice comment though!
@qekkon: Ah, okay. Oops. I have a habit of automatically defaulting to male when I can't tell someone or something's gender... Sorry, Ombra! (^^' )
@WingFreak: ahah don't worry about it! After all it's not exactly that clear Ombra's gender xD and it isn't mentioned on the comic yet
I like the single leaf defying gravity in his hair. Theory 1: character design. Theory 2: it's an evil leaf :V
@Turtwigsfire13: theory 1 was correct ;p
here you can see his full reference if youre interested to know what that leaf is there for xD!